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tv show 24 with kiefer sutherland
Jaclyn Smith from charlie angels the orginal from 1970's sent 6-23-05 rec. 8x10 color personalized autograph picture 7-11-05
Ed Begley from kingdom hospital i sent a email to him 5-13-05 emailed me back 5-14-05 asking me to send him a envelope to him and he'll send me an autograph picture.
Frank Abagnale sent email 5-13-05 rec. 5-17-05 b&w personalized 8x10 autographed picture and a post card of catch me if you can movie.

Ballard, Robert [discovered Titanic and Bismark wreckage]
emailed 5-29-05 recieved 6-24-05 5x7 color picture personalized to me.

Cartwright, Nancy [voice actor "Bart" 'The Simpsons'; "Mindy" 'Animaniacs']

emailed nancy 5-29-05 rec.


Coltrane, Robbie [actor 'Krull'; 'Henry V'; 'The Pope Must Die(t)'; 'Harry Potter' 1-4]sent email 6-15-05 rec. 7-05-05 5x7 b&W SIGNED picture black sharpie pen.


Engvall, Bill [stand-up comic/actor 'Blue Collar TV'; 'The Jeff Foxworthy Show']

sent email to bill 5-29-05 rec.
jay leno went to and emailed jay leno there 5-25-05 rec.


Knightley, Keira [actress 'Star Wars: Phantom Menace'; 'Bend It Like Beckham'; 'Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl']

emailed 5-22-05 rec.5-23-06 sent me a letter from her assiant and a signed 5x7 .

Smith, Kevin [actor/director/comic book writer; 'Mallrats'; 'Clerks']


Jerry Lawler wwe annoucer with jim ross

went to his website

the smother brothers group sent 5-30-05 recieved email back the 31st they'll send me an autograph picture within the next few weeks.i got it within a few weeks it was a pre print postcard.

Randall Duk Kim from matrix reloaded the key maker

sent email to him 5-29-05 he read it 5-30-05 i got a signed 5x7 of him

Martina Mcbride country singer


sent me a email to send a sase to this address:c/o martina Mcbride fanclub

po box 291627

nashville,tn 37229


Peter Gallagher from the tv show robot chicken and the movie american beauty emailed 1-7-07 rec. 3-28-07


Jaime Pressly's publicist or manager


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