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ross's autographs
autographed and non autographed items for sale
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wwe 2009 no way out signed chair by lillian garcia 500.00 or best offer
comes with a coa and a copy of me at no way out to prove i was there.
cm punk 2008-09 topps heritage signed card comes with a picture of him signing it. 75.00 or best offer
mickie james signed topps chrome card piece of the mat card she signed for me 150.00 or best offer.
wwe world heavy weight belt 300.00 or best offer
baseball cards for $1.00
carl crawford 2008 upperdeck check list
carl crawford 2009 upperdeck star quest
manny ramirez 2009 upperdeck
manny ramirez 2009 topps
manny ramirez 2009 upperdeck #465
brian Roberts 2008 upperdeck season highlights
Nick Markakis 2008 upperdeck  checklist
dontrelle willis 2008 upperdeck  detroit tigers card
joel zumaya 2009 topps heritage
brandon Phillips 2008 upperdeck spectrum
hunter pence 2008 upperdeck
alex gordon 2008 upperdeck
alex gordon 2009 upperdeck
evan longoria 2009 topps rookie card for topps
evan longoria 2009 upperdeck star quest
evan longoria 2009 upperdeck award winners
prince fielder 2008 upper deck infield power
prince fielder opeechee card 2009 upperdeck
prince fielder 2008 upperdeck
prince fielder 2009 upperdeck
vladimir guerreo 2008 star quest
vladimir guerreo 2008 upperdeck
vladimir guerreo 2007 upperdeck opening day puzzle
tori hunter 2008 upperdeck
Huston street 2007 upperdeck
huston street 2009 checklist
lance berkman/carlos lee 2009 topps classic combos
carlos lee 2009 upperdeck
carlos lee 2007 topps
Felipe paulino 2008 upperdeck rookie card
troy patton 2008 upperdeck rookie card
jeremy bonderman 2008 topps
jeremy bonderman 2008 upperdeck
chris lambert 2009 topps rookie card
adam dunn 2007 upperdeck check list
Adam dunn 2009 topps
Aaron Hill 2008 upperdeck
ross ohlendorf 2008 rookie card
jose a. reyes 2007 upperdeck rookie card
elliot johnson 2008  upperdeck rookie card
kevin hart 2008 upperdeck rookie card
brian bannister 2006 topps rookie card
hanley ramirez 2008 upperdeck infield power
hanley ramirez 2008 upperdeck spectrum
carlos quentin 2009 upperdeck star quest
travis hafner 2008 upperdeck
melvin mora 2008 upperdeck
$5.00 or more cards
mark mcgwire 1999 upperdeck power deck 15.00
derek lee 2008 upperdeck starquest rare 5.00
carl crawford 2009 upperdeck starquest gold 7.00
willie harris 2009 topps gold serial numbered 4.00
kosuke fukudome 2008 upperdeck rookie card 10.00 i have 2 of these
trevor crowe 2009 upperdeck rookie card 4.00
david price 2009 upperdeck rookie card
eric surkamp 2008 upperdeck usa card 4.00
bill rodgers 2009 upperdeck goodwin champions card 5.00
justin verlander 2008 upperdeck game jersey 15.00
more stuff to come please check back soon

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