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On this site I'll include everything I know about my favorite team. I'll write game reports for individual games, offer interesting stats, and keep you up to date on our championship bid.

On this home page, I might talk a little about how I originally became a fan and share a few anecdotes or defining moments from my fan history. Have I been watching since I was a kid? Did I move to a new city and get caught up in the hysteria? Where exactly was I when I watched that championship game last year, and what was going through my mind?

I might also use this page to discuss how my team is doing this year in general, or about the prospects for the upcoming year. I'll try to include a few pictures, too.

Thanks for taking a look at my site. Be sure to get in touch with your thoughts and suggestions. I'll be updating frequently, please check back often.

In the News

In this area I might put any late-breaking news, such as last night's score or any injuries or trade rumors.

Trivia Question

To encourage visitors to check back often, in this area I'll put a different trivia question each week or even each day. Here's an example of a trivia question:

Pedro and Ramon Martinez are among a select group of brothers who've pitched for the same team at the same time. How many others in the group can you name?