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Yesterday's game in detail.

Here, I'll discuss individual games. I'll try not to be a Monday Morning Quarterback, but sometimes it's hard to resist, and that's part of the fun of being a fan anyway. I might use a format similar to this for my game reports:

October 24
Green Bay 21 Patriots 13

Who besides me thinks Pete Carroll has got to go? How could he not decide to go for the touchdown on third and inches at the end of the third quarter? Doesn't he have any faith in his own players?

Don't get me started on Bledsoe, either. How much is this guy making? How long can he keep using that "my mechanics are off" excuse?

Thank goodness for the defense, at least, which was the only thing that even kept the Patriots in this game at all.

Heroes and Goats

In this area, I might mention the players who most distinguished themselves in yesterday's game, both in good and bad ways.

I might also rate on a scale of 1-10 the team's performance in the game and suggest areas that I think need improvement.