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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

Hi thanks for checking out my site.I'm 25 years old .When i was a kid I listened to Elvis Presley alot and I still do.He's partly the reason I want to become a musician singer.that and on my dad's side of my family my uncle played the guitar for the original Hank williams sr.also on my moms side of the the family im like a far off distant relative of bob Dylan.

 I grew up near tacoma,wa. I was born In Bellingham,wa in 1982. after i was born i moved near tacoma,wa.When i was eight or so old I started collecting celebrity autographs and thats when i realized what i wanted to do in my life was to become a celebrity myself i even meet alot of celebritys,athletes.
My favorite baseball team is the ny yankeesand seattle mariners,boston redsox - favorite players are  griffey,ichiro,derek jeter.My favortie football team is Tennesse Titans, seahawks- favorite player bobby engram. My favorite basketball teams portland trailblazers,boston celtics-garnett ,ray allen,paul pierce - favorite players ray allen,gary payton,shaq,wade, alonzo.


the singers i would love to work with would be willie nelsonor the daughter of elvis presley - lisa marie presley,country singer Taylor Swift.the band/group i would like to work with would be either fall out boy or los lonely boys or elton john or a group i just found out about los lobos. but #1 would be lisa marie presley.

Here's a list of some of my favorite songs:

its a gospel song
fall out boy hum halijouh
los lonely boys loneliness
johnny cash i still miss someone
* means all elvis songs i love.

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